Respect index

Confirmation of the highest standards of corporate social responsibility, which are followed by KGHM on a daily basis, is the fact that it has been included among selected companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange that together form the RESPECT Index.

The RESPECT Index distinguishes companies that are managed in a sustainable and responsible manner, and at the same time it highlights their investment attractiveness. This investment attractiveness is comprised of the quality of their reporting, investors' relations practices and adherance to Corporate Governance principles. KGHM diligently follows ethical rules, best practices, current law and internal regulations. Thanks to this commitment by KGHM to the highest standards, the company was one of the initial components of the Index when it was created in 2009.

According to a study conducted in 2012 by the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW), 58% of investors believe that companies which conscientiously apply the highest environmental, social and corporate governance standards gain measurable benefits that can be translated into financial results.

For KGHM, RESPECT is composed of a group of activities covering 7 areas. 

  • Responsibility – paying particular attention to communication with shareholders and the capital market. 
  • Ecology – paying special care to the natural environment during all stages of the production process.
  • Sustainability – putting a special focus on transparency and the realisation of long-term investments in the core business throughout the world that increase the company's value and create new jobs. 
  • Participation – being involved in the work of social organisations and scientific and educational institutions.
  • Environment - playing a key role in the social environments where the company operates, being a partner for local governments, local entrepreneurs and employees.
  • Community – support for local communities in regions where KGHM operates.
  • Transparency – adherance to a policy of transparency regarding all aspects of the company’s operations.