Social development

KGHM consistently strives to improve its relations with neighboring communities for the mutual benefit of all parties.

The development of the company, on a given territory, largely depends on good cooperation and dialogue with local communities, customers, inhabitants and government authorities.

Being a good neighbor is understood by the company as being responsible for respecting the social and cultural values of the regions where KGHM operates.

A perfect example of building relations with neighboring communities is the implementation of KGHM's CSR strategy in the Copper Belt in Poland. The company has for years supported local communities in activities connected with environmental protection, health protection, sport promotion, and the development of the arts and education. The company runs large scale programs promoting health, an active life style and voluntary work.

The values demonstrated by KGHM help to gain the trust of the culturally diversified communities and native inhabitants of the territories where KGHM is active. For instance, with respect to First Nations from Canada who have been historically granted a share in profits from the exploitation of their habitat, the company respects their laws and has made commitments towards them, believing that in this way it will help to improve their standard of living.

In order to better respond to the needs of local stakeholders, in 2013 KGHM commenced the implementation of guidelines from the Community Development Toolkit (pdf), prepared by the International Council of Mining & Metals. The Toolkit consists of 20 tools that enhance constructive relations with local communities, business partners and government authorities. 

Cooperation with our social partners is a key factor in successfully developing the company’s projects. It also minimises the social risks related to KGHM's activities. The mechanisms of social dialogue are a natural part of the company's operations that, due to their scale and character, affect people’s quality of life.