HR Policy

Capacity building

KGHM employees are the Company's most valuable asset – it is them who create its unique culture and build its market position. In order to secure the implementation of its strategic aims, the enterprise has been consistently investing in the labour market and actively influencing the process of youth education for years. It exercises due diligence with regard to its employees, since the staff play a crucial part in the development of all of its business model areas, build the Company's global significance and enable us to create an integrated organisation, open to the future. KGHM recruits the best experts and specialists. As a result of those actions, the Company employs people with the greatest potential, who address its needs in a real way. The work done by each of them is equally important for the success of the whole organisation.

Attitude matters

The fact that KGHM employees are people not only talented and highly qualified, but also acting in compliance with the Company's values, open to change, searching for innovative solutions, as well as willingly sharing their knowledge and experience attests to the uniqueness of the adopted HR policy. However, the most important question is that KGHM employees, irrespective of the position in which they serve, perceive their personal development as a challenge that benefits the whole organisation.

HR transformation

KGHM development has become a driving force also behind the changes in the area of human resources management inside the Company. The organisation has implemented a coherent set of key processes and tools supporting competencies development on a long-term basis, prepared new solutions in employee performance and assessment management, streamlined internal communication, and decided to rely on advanced project, programme and portfolio management systems. Due to its dynamic development, it has become a priority to effectively identify the best employees and then systemically prepare them to take the key roles and functions in all of the enterprise's workstreams.