HR Policy

Creating potential

The employees of KGHM are the most precious capital of the company - they create a unique culture and build the position of the company on the market. To ensure that its strategic goals are achieved, the company has been investing for years in the job market and actively participates in the educational process of young people. KGHM obtains the best experts and specialists. Owing to these activities, the company employs persons with the highest potential who meet the company's needs. The work of each employee is equally important for the success of the organisation.

Attitude matters

The uniqueness of HR policy is reflected in the fact that KGHM's employees are not only talented and highly qualified, but also follow the company's values, are open to changes, search for innovative solutions and willingly share their knowledge and experience. Most importantly, however, KGHM's employees, regardless of their job position, perceive their personal development as a challenge from which the whole organisation benefits.

HR transformation

KGHM development has become a driving force for changes in the area of HR management inside the company Despite the fact that Social Potential Management System, which defines HR policy, has not been modified, the realisation of HR policy has been amended. A coherent set of key processes and tools has been implemented. It supports long-term development of competencies, preparation of new solutions for performance management and employees' assessment and facilitation of internal communication, as well as modern project, programs and portfolio management systems. Due to the company’s dynamic development, effective identification of the best individuals has become a priority. Once identified, they are prepared to take over key roles and functions in all of the company's areas of activity.  

New perspectives

KGHM creates an unusual opportunity for persons who wish to gain access to state-of-the-art technologies and solutions. The opportunity arises from participation in the work of specialist project teams. Participating in the work of such teams is also a great opportunity to share knowledge and experience within the framework of the company's structures.