Production process overview

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Preparation for mining

Mining production is inseparable from the depletion of the resource base. This implies the need for systematic replenishment. Maintaining a position as a mining leader forces Companies to take actions aimed at obtaining title to new areas of deposits in order to secure the Company's operations in the long term.

Ore Mining

The technology of ore mining in the mines of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. is based on the proprietary solutions developed in the course of production activities to date, combining technically advanced basic aspects of mining production, i.e. excavation and transport, and maintaining the stability of the pits.

Ore enrichment

Ore enrichment involves mechanical processing which enables an effective management of the extracted ore. The technology applied by KGHM makes it possible to successfully recover copper and silver as well as other elements from the extracted output.


In SX-EW technology copper ore is affected by diluted sulphuric acid. Then, the obtained liquid undergoes electrolysis, during which the cathode becomes covered with copper.


Systematic investment in modern solutions and environmentally friendly technologies as well as observing strict norms of the European Union made it possible for KGHM to effectively protect the environment.

Smelting and refining

Production at KGHM's smelters is based mainly on its own deposits and locally produced copper ore concentrates. KGHM's processing strategy is to maintain production scale at more than 500,000 tons of electrolytic copper while increasing mining efficiency at mines around the world.


More than 40% of the copper cathodes produced in KGHM's Polish smelters are processed into copper wire rod, oxygen-free and low-alloy wire, finding buyers throughout Europe.