At a glance

Knowledge and teamwork – are the corporate pillars on which KGHM has been building the position of a leader in copper and silver production for years. As a modern and global organisation it influences sustainable development worldwide.

3 continents

Our Mining Project in
Europe / North America / South America

40 million tonnes

World resources of copper ore, controlled by us

Leader in the mining industry

Copper / Precious metals / Rhenum / Molybdenum / Nickel / Palladium

Reliable producer

Trusted business partner and a company with a sustainable development policy

WIG-ESG index

Member of the prestigious Index published by the Warsaw Stock Exchange


People Employed

KGHM engages in the extracting and processing of valuable natural resources with the largest European deposits of copper ore located in the south-western part of Poland right in the heart of its catchment area. Owing to its vast experience, openness and constant improvement of competencies, the company has built a unique culture of teamwork ranking high on the international arena.

Today, KGHM is able to face any challenge, win markets  and implement broad and ambitious investment projects.

Knowledge-based experience in technologies and processes combined with employee competencies constitute the most precious resource of KGHM and provide the foundation of the company value. All this contributes to the growth of the company as an environmentally friendly, socially sensitive and inclusive corporation.

Knowledge-based experience is also instrumental in discovering new sustainable methods of extracting and processing natural resources.

All KGHM logo labelled copper, silver, and other metals have for years been associated with excellent quality as recognised and much-in-demand products worldwide.

The implementation of the development strategy, systematically strengthens KGHM’s international position. Currently, the company boasts a geographically diversified portfolio of mining projects. KGHM has located its facilities on three continents – Europe, the North and South AmericaWith its control over 40 million tonnes of copper ore resources worldwide KGHM has risen to the well-deserved position of a global mining industry leader. The company’s portfolio also includes new metals like molybdenum, palladium or nickel which help KGHM join the international community of multi-resource companies.

KGHM cultivates its reputation of a reliable producer, a trusted business partner and a company with a sustainable development policy. KGHM is also a responsible employer acknowledging and recognising the commitment and cultural identity of its employees around the world.

The company employs a total of 34 thousand people who believe that their work is important to the world. Without their expertise, integrity and courage precious metals would hardly reach the global market and make sustainable development possible.