Projects under development

KGHM is expanding its resource base and portfolio of products through mining and exploration projects.

KGHM, in line with its business strategy, is striving to expand its resource base and portfolio of products, and is therefore developing many long-term mining and exploration projects. The aim is to lower copper production costs, increase the competitiveness of the company and strengthen KGHM's position as a global multi-resource leader in copper, silver, molybdenum, lead, gold, platinum, palladium, rhenium and selenium production.

The most important investments being developed by KGHM outside Poland are:

  • Victoria in the Sudbury basin of Canada, known as the world's nickel capital.
  • Ajax in British Columbia, Canada, which was the first deposit purchased by KGHM outside Poland.

 The most important mining project for KGHM in Poland is gaining access to the new copper ore deposits in the Deep Głogów concession, which will enable current extraction levels to be maintained for the next several decades.