Strategy of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. for the years 2017-2021

EBITDA reaching PLN 7 bn in 2021, an  average EBITDA margin of the Group above 20%, joint investments and capital expenditures  of the Group at the level of PLN 15 bn, stable production level and cost discipline ensuring financial security - these are the main objectives of the Strategy for 2017-2021 with the outlook to 2040.

The Strategy for the years 2017 – 2021 with an outlook to 2040 is based is based on three executive and three supporting strategies.

Development of Domestic and Foreign Assets


An effective investment management and an execution of resource–related  projects. Investments and capital expenditures in the KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. Capital Group for 2017-2021 are assumed at the level of PLN 15 bn, out of which PLN 9.7 bn is attributed to KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. The focus - within the domestic assets - is on the crucial projects, such as: Ore  Access Program, Smelting Development Program, Expansion of the “Żelazny Most” waste treatment tailings pond and performing of exploration works in a direct neighborhood of the currently mined areas. The strategy assumes optimization of the foreign assets portfolio, including measures to achieve production maturity of Sierra Gorda mine , and focuses on assets of the greatest production potential.

Production and Safety


An average annual copper in ore production rate in Poland at the level exceeding 470 thousand tons of Cu, and an average production rate from the overseas assets at the level of about 145 thousand tons of payable copper between 2017 and 2021. Electrolytic copper production of the Group will reach the level above 570 thousand tons a year. Focus on workers safety, risk mitigation to maintain a stable production level and an improvement of operational and cost effectiveness on each stage of the main technological chain are the key determinants of the second pillar.

Coherent Organisation


Systemic solutions that will integrate subsidiaries of the Group into an effectively operating mechanism, focused on the KGHM’s Group value creation.

the three supporting strategies

Corporate Social Responsibility

Its task is to create and maintain a positive image of the Group, based on cooperation and communication with stakeholders.


A role of the intellectual capital, protection of the intellectual property, and primarily the effective innovations management which is focused on delivering an increase in productivity within the KGHM Group.

Financial Stability

Is expected to ensure a financial security of the Group. The strategy is directed at the optimization of external financing, the improvement of the risk management process and ensuring immunity to the changeable market conditions.