For university students

KGHM na Targach Pracy AGH

Nowadays, extensive knowledge supported by good practice is the key to success. The Company implements a number of programmes aimed at cooperating with the academic and didactic surroundings.

The support of this process is the best possible use of the creative potential of young people. Their knowledge, enthusiasm and invention make it possible to approach the Company's strategic and operational projects from a different, non-business perspective.

Building relations with the academic environment accompanies the Company's everyday activities. By participating in research projects, KGHM has a direct influence on the effectiveness of the conducted operations. Only by using the human potential and sharing knowledge can the Company develop.

Developing competencies of the best students, who can be recruited by the Company in the future, is the most valuable investment in assets and a bold look into the future. It is a win-win initiative.

KGHM's involvement in the education process is often appreciated by young people. The Company ranks high in nationwide rankings that indicate perfect employers, as assessed by university students and experts.