Innovation strategies

KGHM is a leader of innovation in Poland and in the world. As an international corporation, KGHM is expected to thoroughly explore development opportunities. Innovation is the key to expand the knowledge and experience of the company.

KGHM systematically adds to the knowledge it has accumulated over the last 50+ years of operations. Its success stems from both rich traditions and a spirit of innovation.

The company constantly searches for technologies enabling the reduction of production costs and increased copper and associated metals recovery. It endeavors to ensure the safety of its employees and to protect the natural environment. Thanks to these efforts, KGHM has become not only a local, but also a world leader of innovation.

By 2023, KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. intends to spend 1 percent of its annual revenue on innovations and R&D projects, which is nearly PLN 200 million. This is a significant increase of expenditure on R&D, which currently amounts to around PLN 40 million annually. The company focuses on improving the quality of the tasks performed and the achieved results. Most of the spending on R&D and innovation is on activities related to the core production business (75% in 2019-2023), which have a high potential for implementation or commercialization. KGHM has a coherent model of innovation and R&D management.

Technological development and increasing the level of innovation are very important for the company. The activities undertaken by KGHM are associated with the development of new systems for the mining of deep underground copper deposits and effective technologies for their processing and production of final materials. In addition, research is being carried out to increase the automation of mining processes, energy-saving technologies and reducing the impact of the mining industry on the environment.

The company is building its future based on e-industry. The implemented solutions include robotization, digitization, knowledge management and the assumptions of a 4.0 Industry. KGHM does not focus solely on projects that can be implemented in the nearest time frame. The company is not afraid of ambitious challenges, engaging in work on the most modern technologies that will change the manner and nature of copper mining in the future.

KGHM develops thanks to the combination of the experience and intellectual potential of its employees as well as to external research bodies, companies and institutions. The company effectively uses its resources and funds to enhance the value and image of this global mining industry leader.