Long term investment

The presence of KGHM on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and the company’s compliance with corporate governance standards and a code of ethics provides assurance of safe and long-term investments.

KGHM strives to guarantee safe and stable development and business success while respecting human rights and working to protect the environment. As one of the largest companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, the company is committed to being transparent, predictable and open. KGHM’s aim in terms of the capital market is to attract a diverse group of shareholders who treat the company as a safe, long-term investment. 

KGHM's début on the Warsaw Stock Exchange was one of the most important events in the history of the Polish capital market. On 10th July 1997, during the initial trading of the company’s shares, KGHM's share price reached PLN 23.5, surpassing the issue price for retail investors by 24%, and for institutional investors by 12%. Over the last 17 years, since KGHM's début, the value of KGHM's shares has increased, on average, by around 500%. The lowest share price recorded, PLN 9.75, occured on 2nd October 1998. The highest share price on record, PLN 198.40, occured on 20th April 2011. This was more than 740% higher than the price on the opening day in 1997.

KGHM is one of the leaders of the Warsaw Stock Exchange and its shares are a component of the WIG, WIG20 and WIG30 indices. KGHM is also a member of two prestigious market indices which emphasise the company's responsibility for its business activity. These are the RESPECT Index, which comprises companies with sustainable, transparent and ethical management, and the WIGdiv Index, which is composed of companies with the highest dividend rate paid regularly to shareholders.

KGHM has a dispersed share ownership. More than 30.00% of the share capital belongs to the Polish State Treasury, with the remainder belonging to domestic and foreign investment funds and individual investors.