Natural resources, biology and wildlife

Constant monitoring by KGHM of local ecosystems and programs to protect endangered plant and animal species prove that the company operates with respect for the natural environment.

KGHM tries to fully protect our precious natural resources. When preparing for the implementation of new projects, the company conducts research whose aim is to assess the impact of its activities on the environment. 

If an investment is to be developed in areas of particular natural value, KGHM takes all necessary actions to protect the flora and fauna of these areas. In the vicinity of open-pit mines, which interfere with the surroundings to a great extent, KGHM reviews the conditions prevalent in the entire natural environment in order to identify and counteract potential dangers as quickly as possible. In the vicinity of our Carlota open-pit mine in the USA, a rare species of cactus and agave - part of the natural ecosystem of the Arizona desert which is in danger of extinction - has been replanted  During construction of the Sierra Gorda open-pit mine in Chile, lizards living on the territory of the mine were relocated to another habitat.

The areas of the former protection zones of  the Głogów and Legnica smelter/refineries in Poland have been classified as woodland. 

On selected areas around its facilities of particularly importance, the company carries out programs to protect endangered species of animals. Since 2008, the company has enabled the online monitoring of a falcon nest located on the chimney of the Głogów smelter/refinery in Poland. 

Taking responsibility for the environment, KGHM searches for environmentally-friendly solutions. In this way, we have become a leader in the efficient shaping of the environment and the management of natural resources.