The life and health of our employees is the most important priority for KGHM. Actions and procedures improving safety are implemented and enforced in all mines and metallurgical plants.

Zero harm is one of the basic values of KGHM. It includes protecting employee health, creating a pleasant working environment and minimising potential hazards. All of our employees are strongly encouraged to pursue these goals by observing safety rules and procedures.

To achieve its vision of Zero Harm, KGHM has introduced the following measures:

  • innovative work organisation: all work stations should have identified hazards, be adequately prepared in terms of safety and be properly equipped;
  • early response system: this system makes it possible to continuously monitor working conditions, thanks among others to periodical assessment of possible hazards, machinery and equipment checks and tests and by maintaining certification;
  • educational and training programs: using employees' knowledge and experience to improve work station safety, development of new training programs, verification of knowledge about safety and promotion of a safety-oriented culture through the proper maintenance and care of machines;
  • health programs: activities facilitating fitness and employee self-discipline, as well as psychological help for persons who have undergone traumatic incidents;

The Zero Harm policy is a priority for KGHM in its efforts to constantly improve technologies and management systems and to raise the awareness and motivation of employees to behave in a safe manner.