Student work placement

Student work placement at KGHM is organised for students in order to enable tailored professional development, possibility to get to know the organisation, operations and work specifics at KGHM. By performing specific tasks and participating in the work placement under the watchful eye of their supervisor, trainees have a chance to broaden their theoretical and practical knowledge in a professional reality.

Benefits for university students participating in work placement at KGHM:

  • gaining professional experience,
  • possibility to learn under the tutelage of experienced supervisors,
  • learning the KGHM technological process,
  • getting to know modern technologies in real-life working conditions,
  • forging professional links,
  • getting to know the organisational culture of our Company.


Group work placement for university students is conducted based on agreements signed with universities. Under the KGHM university student work placement programme there is also a possibility to apply for work placement co-financed from European Union funds.


Individual university student work placement is conducted based on electronic applications submitted via a dedicated online platform. 

Visit our dedicated platform and Apply for individual university student work placement at KGHM.