Aiming for the sky and continual development are our priorities. KGHM employees are experts in their fields, who distinguish themselves by a high level of involvement in the work they do. We understand that good and clever work is an effect of healthy work-life balance. We feel responsible for the members of our team, both at work and outside of it.

Under employment at KGHM, we offer a range of non-financial benefits:

  • subscription medical care;
  • group insurance;
  • commuting allowance;
  • sports packages;
  • co-financing of cultural and educational events;
  • curative and preventive holidays;
  • co-financing of holidays for children and adolescents;
  • Employee Pension Plan.

The rich remuneration package available at KGHM increases the desirability of its working conditions. Apart from the monthly salary, the remuneration can include:

  • yearly award for Miner's/Steelworker's Day;
  • 14th salary;
  • profit bonus;
  • jubilee awards;
  • holiday pay;
  • cash equivalent for covering school expenses;
  • retirement and disability compensation.