Partnership with Local Communities

Partnership with local communities reflects KGHM's sensitivity to the needs of the environments in which it operates. The social sphere is just as important for the company as are economic conditions.

The corporate social responsibility policy of KGHM has a positive impact on local businesses and local economies. KGHM builds good relations with local communities, local governments and non-governmental organisations. KGHM listens to the voice of all key local stakeholders.

Local government

We apply exemplary models of cooperation with local governments wherever the company conducts its business. KGHM works closely with local governments on creating regional development strategies. The initiatives are connected with the development of transport and recreation infrastructure, education for young people, health, medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Anothersuccess was the dialogue carried out with the communities connected with our Sierra Gorda mine in Chile, regarding prolongation of the company’s mining licences and minimisation of the mine’s impact on the life and health of the region’s inhabitants.

Local communities 

The company maintains a continuous dialogue with local communities to improve living standards. To facilitate this, the company relies on a variety of tools: social needs assessment studies (in the Lubin-Głogów Copper Basin in Poland), meetings with local communities, joint advisory committees, open days and direct contact with the leaders of local communities. The company participates in regional development by supporting a variety of infrastructural investments (water supply systems, CCTV, public transport, health) as well as social investments, including taking part in the organisation of events for employees and local communities as well as charity events.

Non-governmental organisations 

The company cooperates with many non-governmental organisations and supports their activities. It helps to solve many important problems facing local communities. It financially aids foundations and organisations that are involved in health issues, promotion of physical fitness and sport, cultural events, and the organisation of leisure time for children and youth. 

Local business 

KGHM is consistently developing cooperation with local businesses. We are a stable partner, ensuring the highest standards in relations with our co-operators. We are fully aware of the significant impact of our activities on the local economy and the lives of ordinary people. That is why we are constantly analysing the regional market, the effect of which is a continuously updated list of qualified suppliers and manufacturers who meet our requirements. We also regularly monitor customer satisfaction. It allows us to improve current procedures and increase transparency in cooperation with entrepreneurs, also in the area of ethical values important to our company. By taking a number of measures for security and professional development of our employees and associates we go far beyond the legal framework imposed on us. Thanks to the transparency of all processes we are not only a friendly neighbour to the community, which gives as a "license to operate", but also a reliable partner for investors.