Income distribution

KGHM shares its successes with all stakeholders. 

KGHM has for years been building its reputation by showing that it not only cares about itself and its own businesses, but also our stakeholders, who can benefit from the company's success. It shares profits and experience with them, and jointly looks for solutions to improve the quality of life of local communities.

  • Employees and their families - KGHM cares about its employees by guaranteeing safety, stability of employment and opportunities for development. Most KGHM employees have been employed under long-term contracts. KGHM influences the quality of life of its employees, customers, their families and local communities. 
  • Investors - The level of dividend payment places KGHM among the companies included in the WIG20, mWIG40, WIG80 and indices, and especially in the WIGdiv Index of companies that have the highest dividend payout rates on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Once the company was listed on the stock exchange, shareholders could usually expect to receive dividends ranging from 10% to 100% of KGHM’s net profit. The company's historical records show that Dividend Per Share ranges between 0 grosz (PLN 0.10) to PLN 28.34. 
  • Government administration - KGHM is the largest taxpayer in Poland.
  • Local administration - KGHM diligently settles all taxes and local charges paid to local government budgets.
  • Local community - The company shares its benefits with local communities at many different levels. For instance, it supports infrastructure development in the region, as well as cultural, educational and healthcare activities. Local communities are additionally supported by KGHM's Polish Copper Foundation.
  • Scientists and R&D Centres - KGHM has for years been closely involved in cooperation with institutions and leading scientific centers in Poland and abroad. Together with the National Center for Research and Development, a joint project has been launched, known as CuBR, which aids scientific research and development work for the non-ferrous metals sector. The company is a member of the Knowledge and Innovation Community, KIC - which is a partnership within the framwork of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).  In 2015, an agreement was signed between the Industrial Development Agency and KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. concerning cooperation in the area of implementing innovative projects.