Good neighbor

Being a good neighbor means assuming responsibility for the local communities and the natural and cultural environments of the regions where KGHM operates. 

KGHM carries out the strategic principles of its CSR policy through dialogue and by being a partner which cooperates with the communities where the company operates. The company strives to be a good neighbor and a trustworthy investor.  KGHM recognises the importance of including social, cultural and economic elements in its projects.

KGHM closely cooperates with local governments and non-governmental organisations, analyses information about the needs of local communities and supports them financially and organisationally in chosen areas. As a result, the company creates stable, fair and equal relations with the neighboring regions.

In Poland, KGHM’s projects of a social nature and its sponsoring activities are carried out through the company’s Polish Copper Foundation, established especially for this purpose. The main focus of its activities are charity, preventative health initiatives, promoting sport and support for culture and the arts.

KGHM's employees are also involved in these social programs and actively participate in such events as volunteers.

KGHM also follows a good neighbor policy in the other regions where it operates in Chile, the USA and Canada.  The company supports local social and cultural initiatives as well as those improving the quality of life.