Transparent management

Transparency of management is the basis for building KGHM's credibility in the eyes of stakeholders.

KGHM bases its communication with stakeholders on openness and mutual understanding. This manner of communication applies to investors, employees, customers, contractors and local communities. By maintaining dialogue with them, the company creates a platform for communication through which transparent information about the actions taken by the company is communicated to all the interested parties. This platform also helps the company to understand the expectations and opinions of stakeholders about KGHM.

The company’s actions are adjusted to the individual needs of stakeholders:

  • Shareholders - developing methods of communication using electronic media (a responsive Company website, a newsletter, webcasts of management board meetings and general meetings, teleconferences and a multimedia annual report). There are also regular meetings with analysts and fund managers as well as site visits to the company’s operations. Thanks to the quality and transparency of management as well as to its open and on-going communication with the market and investors, the company has been granted numerous prestigious capital market awards.
  • Employees and trade unions - regular meetings are organised with representatives of trade unions to discuss and consult important decisions or developments which may have an impact on the company’s situation.
  • Local communities - an active dialogue with local communities is conducted in order to share information with them about the investment plans of KGHM, as well as to hear the opinions voiced about KGHM as regards its being a good neighbor.
  • Local government - support for sustainable development of communities where KGHM operates. Development and investment plans are consulted with regard to the interests of local communities.
  • Customers and contractors - monitoring their needs and the degree of their satisfaction with the services offered, for instance through face-to-face meetings and invitations to events organized by KGHM. Active participation by KGHM in industry conferences and exhibitions facilitates close contacts with this group of stakeholders.