KGHM acts in accordance with sustainable development principles and strives to strike a balance between the company's development and the expectations of its stakeholders. Dialogue with the surrounding social environment is the basis for teamwork and being a good neighbor, and is critical to the further expansion of KGHM.

The KGHM Group, as an organisation with a major impact on the economic, social and natural environment, being fully aware of that fact and accepting the related responsibility, highly values good relations with Stakeholders based on mutual understanding and trust. Collaboration, which is one of the Group’s core values, is the foundation for both business and social success. The Group builds its partnership relations with Stakeholders in a fully transparent matter, aware of their importance for the achievement of its long-term strategy and business sustainability. The key element of this process is a dialogue aimed at learning about mutual expectations and capabilities and delivering on agreements.

Key stakeholders of the KGHM Group

Activities undertaken towards selected stakeholders:


A priority for KGHM is the health and safety of its employees, their professional development and the ongoing improvement of working conditions. Meetings and consultations with employee representatives are organised to discuss significant decisions and events. The company maintains an effective information policy through internal communication channels. An example of this is the engagement of employees as community volunteers, which positively affects the social environment of the company.


The company works with local government at all levels in terms of local resources, employees and environmental policy. We organise consultation and information meetings with the participation of representatives from regions in which KGHM is planning new business ventures, and follow best practice by continuing dialogue in areas where operations already exist.  

Local communities

KGHM engages in intensive dialogue with local communities. Its outcome is expressed in the Group’s activities related to infrastructure development: supporting local social, science, cultural and sports organisations. With good health of employees and local residents in mind, the Group holds initiatives promoting an active lifestyle.

Shareholders and the stock exchange  

KGHM, as a public company, engages in various forms of dialogue with the capital market, such as an open and effective information policy by means of electronic media and the organisation of meetings and site visits for analysts and fund managers. 


KGHM maintains good relations with the media by providing them with precise, exhaustive information about the company and its operations. We regularly organise press conferences and site visits.  


KGHM maintains regular contacts with customers in order to monitor their needs and the degree of their satisfaction with the service offered. The company actively participates in conferences and industry trade fairs during which it has the opportunity to share experience and build relations with existing and prospective customers.

KGHM strives to conduct an effective information policy and dialogue with all stakeholders. By satisfying their needs, the company upholds its reputation as a trustworthy and well-managed business partner.