Our sector

KGHM runs technologically advanced exploration and smelting activities. The company owns assets located on three continents. It focuses on the extraction of ores, production of copper and other non-ferrous metals.  

KGHM extracts and processes natural resources. The company possesses a geographically diversified portfolio of mining projects. It owns production plants on three continents - in Europe, South and North America.

Polish copper deposits - one of the biggest in the world - are exploited by three underground mines: "Lubin”, "Polkowice-Sieroszowice” and "Rudna”. The extracted material is enriched in the Concentrator Plant, while the production of copper, silver, gold, lead and other metals takes place in smelters: "Głogów”, "Legnica” and "Cedynia”.

On the other side of the ocean, KGHM owns mines: Robinson, Carlota (USA), McCreedy West (Canada) and Sierra Gorda (Chile). Apart from copper, these mines also produce molybdenum, nickel, gold, palladium and platinum. 

KGHM ranks among the world's best producers of silver and copper. It is also the only company in Europe producing rhenium and ammonium perrhenate from its own resources.