Project in the pre-production stage, located in the Sudbury Basin of Canada.

In 2002 KGHM INTERNATIONAL LTD. acquired the mineral deposits rights in the area of ​​Victoria and began prospecting and exploration works.

The project is located in Ontario, Canada, about 35 km west from the city of Greater Sudbury. In 2002 the mineral deposits rights were acquired and exploration work begun. Mineral resources of the project are estimated at 13.6 million tonnes (indicated 500k. tonnes, inferred 13.1 million tonnes) with average grade 2.6% Cu, 2.7% Ni and 8.3 g/t of TPM. The entire ore mined will be processed in plant Clarabelle, belonging to the Vale located in Sudbury. The current scenario of development of the project involves development of the deposit with 2 shafts (production and ventilation shaft). In 2015 the preparation of a technical document designing and describing the process of building the mine (Basic Engineering) were completed. According to the earlier declarations of the Board, at the Victoria project further exploration work aimed to confirm the potential continuity of the orebody and mineralization below the currently recognized deposit were conducted in 2015.

As part of the work performed in 2016, basic infrastructure was developed to ensure access to utilities (power and natural gas). At the same time the decision was made to have the project’s technical and economic assumptions reviewed by independent specialists. The results of this work will enable a decision to be made regarding future actions on this project.



 Victoria Emission Summary and Dispersion Modelling Report - read the document