KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. is member of dozen national and international organisations. They comprise by wide range of activities on various grounds, from employers' organisations to international branch organisations.

On the country level these include organisations associating employers, economic associations, trade associations, foundations. KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. is an active member of 6 economic chambers, including the Economic Chamber of Non-Ferrous Metals and Recycling of the Chamber of Industrial Power Engineering and Energy Recipients and the Polish Chamber of Ecology. The company supports two foundations: "Safe Mining" Foundation (Fundacja "Bezpieczne Górnictwo") and Polish Copper Foundation (Fundacja "Polska Miedź").

International organisations are European and global organisations which represent the interests and lobby for companies of specified sectors, such as non-ferrous metals and precious metals; they include: Eurometaux, European Precious Metals Federation and London Bullion Market Association. The company is also active in organizations representing European mining industry, such as: Euromines and European Technology Platform on Sustainable Mineral Resources. KGHM Polska Miedź has strong representation in global organisations working towards the development of copper market. These are: International Wrought Copper Council and International Copper Association (ICA). Membership in ICA allows the Company to effectively promote applications of copper and its alloys as well as global demand in cooperation with the world's largest mining companies involved in extraction of this raw material. The mission of the organisation is to defend copper and products of copper and its alloys and to increase its share in markets, based on exceptional technical properties of this material and importance it has for improving the quality of living for the inhabitants of our planet.


No. Name of organisation Date of accession
1.      International Wrought Copper Council
2.      London Bullion Market Association (LBMA)
LBMA is regulator of over-the counter wholesale market of silver, gold platinum and palladium, situated in London. LBMA comprises, i.a. large international banks, insurance companies, dealers, manufacturers and ore processors.
3.      Eurometaux
Eurometaux represents the interests of the European industry of non-ferrous metals and recycling. It represents industry and its position in the EU institutions, as well as in international and intergovernmental organisations 
4.      Euromines
The organisation represents the interests of the European metals and useful minerals mining sector as regards their relations with the EU institutions. It is also a platform allowing for exchange of information and cooperation between European mining companies. It also represents them on global forums. 
5.      International Copper Association
6.      European Precious Metals Federation 
7.      European Technology Platform on Sustainable Mineral Resources
8.      Minor Metals Trade Association
9.      CEFIC- ESA (European Sulfuric Acid Association)
10.    ECCMA (Electronic Commerce Code Management Association) 
11.    Global Compact
12.    Central Europe Energy Partners
13.    World Nuclear Association
14.    Consejo Minero Chile
15.    Federation of European Mineral Programs
16.    The Mining Association of Canada


No.Name of organisation Date of accession
1.    Association of Accountants in Poland Regional Branch in Legnica  1975
2.    Polska Miedź Employers' Association 1996
3.    Association of Stock Exchange Issuers 1997
4.    Polish Chamber of Ecology in Katowice 2002
5.    Institute of Logistics and Warehousing 2002
6.    Association of Non-Ferrous Metals Engineers and Technicians  2005
7.    Chamber of Industrial Power Engineering and Energy Recipients 2006
8.    Economic Chamber for Advanced Technologies 2008
9.    Economic Chamber for Non-Ferrous Metals and Recycling 2009
10.     Western Chamber of Commerce 2010
11.     National Chamber of Sport  2010
12.     Polish Academic-Economic Forum  2010
13.     "Safe Mining" Foundation 2010
14.     Polish Committee of the World Mining Congress Association  2011
15.     Polish Eco Development Chamber of Commerce  2011
16.     Polish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce 2012
17.     Responsible Business Forum  2013
18.     International Chamber of Commerce 2013
19.     Poznań University of Economics Partner's Club 2013
20.     Presidents - Volunteers Coalition 2011 2014
21.     Human Resource Management Association  2014
22.     Lower Silesian Chamber of Commerce 2014
23.     Polish Member Committee of the World Energy Council 2016
24. Western Chamber of Commerce and Industry 2016

The amount of premiums in domestic and international organisations changes every year. They are determined by General Meetings of their members, usually taking place at the end of the year preceding the contributory period.