The culture of copper

Copper is the most important metal for the development of the world. People who extract and process copper are a part of long-lasting traditions. They create the culture of mining and smelting professions.

Copper for years has been accompanying man in the development of civilisation. It is an inspiration for artists and builders.

It is a precious metal which was used in the past to forge swords and mint coins. Today, just as it was in the past, copper is sought-after due to its unique properties.

People who extract and process copper face the elements of earth, fire, water and air. They use the knowledge accumulated ages ago and they pass it on to the next generations of miners and metallurgists.

The traditions of these professions are still cultivated today, wherever underground treasures are extracted from the ground. This "copper culture" is created and nurtured by communities living around mines and smelters.

It is expressed in various ways. The wealth brought to the surface gives work to thousands of inhabitants of the region. It also supports the needy, art, sport and education. It develops towns and villages. It attracts new residents, employees and creates new communities. No wonder that when the December festival is approaching, the anthem "Long live miners! (Niech żyje nam górniczy stan!)" resounds through the air.