Zero harm, teamwork, results-driven, accountability, courage – these are the values that make the company cohesive and set standards of behavior. KGHM’s values unite all employees regardless of their position in the organisation or their nationality. They are a lodestar for all our decisions and actions.

These values are deeply rooted convictions which guide us in our daily behaviour and are remembered when making decisions. These values complement each other and are tools for better and more efficient work.  The values constitute a complete and cohesive set that guide us in our work environment and in our private life.

Values, such as zero harm, teamwork and accountability, have always been important in our company, one with 60 years of traditions. Today, KGHM is a results-driven global company, and with courage looks towards the future. Our values form the organisation's DNA, facilitate the decision making process of today and build long-term strategies of the future.


KGHM's key values are:

ZERO HARM - We are all jointly responsible for our safety.

We protect the life and health of our employees. We respect the natural environment and local communities where we operate.  Stability and long-standing sustainable development of our company also means the safety of our families, local communities and other stakeholders of KGHM.

TEAMWORK - For us, cooperation is the basis of success.

The stable growth of our company over many years is, to a large extent, the result of teamwork. The work of teams of people, their experience and, most importantly, the ability to share knowledge make it possible for us to meet our goals, develop the company and optimistically anticipate all that the future brings.  Teamwork also creates opportunities to learn more about ourselves, build close relations with the company and open ourselves to diverse opinions and cultures. 

RESULTS-DRIVEN - We achieve results while being focused on the long-term success of KGHM.

We set ourselves ambitious targets and meeting those targets requires from us continuous development. This is possible thanks to the solutions and tools available in the company as well as to the opportunity to make use of our accumulated knowledge.  The ability to adapt to changes and continuous investment in people and resources are the keys to the success of our company.

ACCOUNTABILITY - We are jointly responsible for the actions taken for the benefit of our stakeholders.

We build trust in KGHM in the environment we operate in by acting in a responsible manner.  We take full responsibility for our actions. We follow a good neighbour policy . In this way, we set a good example, we keep our promises and we establish long-term relationships with our social partners.

COURAGE - We face new challenges in a well thought-out manner.  

We are determined, creative and open to the world and ourselves.  We are not afraid of being criticised or having internal discussions, because only in this way can we develop.  Thus, we take up courageous and well thought-out challenges. We are successful.

KGHM is a global company open to new directions of development.  The company's presence in many countries, on different continents, is the result of jointly developed, courageous and responsible decisions ensuring the company's growth. At present, KGHM, being a company of considerable size, may influence the well-being of communities, regions or even countries - values are helpful in doing so wisely and responsibly.