Smelting traditions

Metallurgists celebrate their festival on 4th May. Their patron saint is St. Florian. Similarly to mining traditions, metallurgical traditions also include beer halls (karczmy piwne) and ladies' nights (combry babskie). 


Saint Florian’s day has, for years, been an opportunity to reward the best employees of KGHM. It is also the time for festive commemorations, meetings with retirees, beer parties and metallurgists’ balls. Similarly to mining traditions, metallurgists’traditions also include beer halls (karczmy piwne) and ladies' night (combry babskie).

For many years it has been a tradition to admit new employees into the brotherhood of metallurgists. Dressed in white smelting smocks, with hats on their heads, the novice workers swear a solemn oath and make a symbolic casting, using a special ladle and mould. After the initial ceremony, a meeting at a barrel of beer takes place. This custom initiated the tradition of beer halls, games with funny scenarios and vivid stage scenery, and most importantly, spiced up with dirty jokes. 

Women who work in metallurgy also have their own traditions. Once a year they come together to have a great time at the so-called ladies’ night (combry babskie). No men are allowed unless they wish to serve women! At ladies’ night there is less beer, but more of refined drinks, and for sure a lot of joking, humour and singing.