KGHM Polska Miedź Foundation

KGHM’s Polish Copper Foundation carries out social projects on a large scale.

The establishment of the Polish Copper Foundation was a consequence of KGHM's responsibility for the needs of local communities, the local region and the nation as a whole. Its creation was a natural continuation of KGHM's long-lasting policy regarding social issues. Since its establishment, the Foundation has supported over 3000 projects implemented by businesses and institutions, and it has spent in total, on its statutory operations, PLN 140 million. Thanks to its transparent and systematised operating principles, the effectiveness of company's outlays on social issues has increased.

The main areas of the Foundation's operations are:

  • charitable activities,
  • support for scientific, educational and medical centers as well as for outstanding cultural undertakings,
  • the restoration of monuments and historic buildings,
  • the protection of religious objects,
  • the support of activities bringing Poland and the European Union together, international initiatives and cooperation with Poles living abroad, and
  • participation in the construction and expansion of sport facilities and support of initiatives that promote sport among children and youth.

The Polish Copper Foundation financially supports many important projects related to healthcare, culture and the arts, education and sport. In this way, society's expectations are met and the goals and strategic focus of the company's CSR policy are achieved.  

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Statutory areas of operation of KGHM's Polish Copper FoundationFinanced projects
Health care and promotion of a healthy lifestyle
  • Research and diagnostic programs
  • Blood donation and hemotherapy
  • Upgrading specialist laboratories and expanding hospital wards
  • Purchasing equipment and specialist medical equipment
  • Supporting medical institutions and fecilities, academic conferences and medical symposia
Science, education, schools and upbringing
  • Equipment for educational laboratories in kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools, secondary schools, and universities
  • Ediucational and social scholarships and prizes
  • Academic publications, popular science and educational and training publications
Holidays for children and youth
  • Establishing new educational laboratories and upgrading the educational base
  • Educational programs
  • Academic symposia and conferences
  • Scout camps, summer camps, sleep-away schools
Regional heritage  
Preserving national traditions 
  • Promoting mining and smelting traditions in the Copper Basin
  • Organising community-building meetings in order to preserve mining and smelting traditions
Promoting Polish national identity and developing national, civic and cultural awareness
  • Organising St. Barbara’s Day celebrations
  • Celebrations to commemorate anniversaries of the discovery of the copper ore deposit by J. Wyżykowski, DSc
  • Mining conferences and congresses
  • Documenting the history of the copper industry
  • Supporting institutions which promote mining and smelting traditions
Supporting ethnic minorities
  • Tourism and recreation for children and young people from the former Eastern Borderlands of the Second Polish Republic
  • Ethnic minority festivals
Supporting European integration and contacts and collaboration between societies
Promoting sports and physical culture
  • Supporting sports clubs and associations
  • Educational aspect of sports and physical fitness (for children and yought)
  • Promoting sports and physical fitness among children and yought
  • Modernisation and expansion of sports and sports and recreational facilities
Protecting cultural heritage and tradition
  • Long-term and comprehensive revitalisation of religious and non-religious sites
Protecting environmental heritage
  • Conservation, revitalisation and rebuilding of historic buildings
  • Conservation of movable items and fittings in buildings
  • Purchases of valuable items for museums
  • Protecting historic buildings from damage
  • Art and cultural events
  • Music and video recordings
  • Supporting film productions and art workshops
  • Purchasing equipment for cultural institutions
Social care, including assisting families and individuals in need, and creating equal opportunities for such families and individuals
  • Purchasing fuel, clothes, food for orphanages, institutions assisting the homeless or persons with substance abuse issues, charity canteens, and providing food to underprivileged children 
  • Subsidising rehabilitation holidays, supporting physical activity by the disabled, and supporting occupational therapy workshops
Supporting the disabled
  • Financial and technical support for organising charitable campaigns aimed at obtaining funds for those in need of medical treatment
Charity activities  
Ecology and animal protection  
Rescue and protection of people
  • Introducing the Health Promotion and Environmental Hazards Prevention Program of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A :
  • organising therapeutic and healthcare-related holidays for children and yought
  • rehabilitation and sports sessions at swimming pools
  • regular monitoring
Public order and safety and counteracting social pathologies
  • Environmental education of children and yought
  • Rescue and protection of people (purchase of equipment for volunteer fire brigades, police forces)
  • Training and prevention activities
Support for victims of catastrophes, armed conflicts and wars in Poland and abroad
Health protection
  • Costs of purchasing medicines, treatment and rehabilitation of the disabled
  • Assisting in purchasing rehabilitation and orthopaedic equipment
Social care, including assisting families and individuals in need, and creating equal opportunities for such families and individuals
  • Rehabilitation holidays and medical treatment abroad
  • Eliminating architectural barriers in the apartments of disabled people
  • Assisting those leaving orphanages for them to become independent
  • Purchasing school accessories and schoolbooks

The lists of institutional beneficiaries, rules for allocation of donations and all the other regulations are available on the website of the Polish Copper Foundation, including all other documents important to potential applicants and all interested parties.