Protection of the air

One of the commitments of KGHM towards local communities is making sure that the air around its facilities is clean.  

KGHM follows stringent standards regarding atmospheric emissions. Continuous investment in pollutant capture and filtration systems has brought tremendously positive results.

Modern technologies, continuously developed by KGHM, make it possible to reduce the impact of the company's operations on the environment. 

  • KGHM’s copper smelter/refineries in Poland operate in full compliance with environmental standards that have been tightened in recent years.  
  • The company’s open-pit mines in Chile and the USA have introduced dust suppression systems. The dust is mainly raised as the result of heavy vehicles movement or ore enrichment processes.

We use our materials and tools in a conscientious manner so as to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment. 

The company cares about the safety of its employees, partners and suppliers who find themselves in the vicinity of our mines. Consequently, air protection programs are implemented not only in mines situated close to housing estates, but also in uninhabited areas which are not covered by local clean air regulations. 

KGHM constantly monitors the quality of air at all of its operations and waste facilities. The results show that the concentration of dust nearby operating mines does not exceed permissible national norms. In Chile, KGHM’s monitoring stations are part of the national air quality control system (Sistema Nacional de Información de Calidad del Aire – SINCA ). The measurements collected by weather stations that check the wind speed and direction as well as the temperature are available online.