Working environment

The best mines are safe mines. Our commitment to this principle helps us to create optimal working conditions in all of our facilities throughout the world.

KGHM’s underground mines extract ore containing mostly copper and precious metals at a depth of around 1000 meters and below, as well as from open-pit mines. The output is then further processed in smelters and processing plants owned by the company. These are diversified, demanding and dangerous working environments. The priority for KGHM is zero harm for employees, the natural environment and local communities. The company has developed a culture of safe work based on employees' training, the implementation of innovative technologies and safety monitoring systems.

All of KGHM’s working practices are subordinate to the overriding principle of Zero Harm. The aim of this principle is to identify hazards, provide adequate safety training and equip all work stations in the mines and processing plants in order to guarantee safety. The company has an early response system which is activated in case of emergencies. It also monitors working conditions on an ongoing basis. One of the elements of the program is the promotion of a working culture which focuses on the proper maintenance and care of machinery and equipment.

The company is engaged in research projects that increase work safety and effectiveness. These projects encompass, for instance, the introduction of monitoring systems and the mechanisation and remote control of mining operations. What is more, KGHM is striving to improve the safety systems that protect people working underground. For instance, the machines are equipped with reinforced cabins to protect the operator, and cameras that expand the field of vision when maneuvering. Portable radars that monitor micro-movements of rocks and warn against potential wall collapse are used to enhance the safety of employees in open-pit mines. Dust content in the air and water contamination levels are also monitored.

In KGHM, building a safe and innovative working environment demands that we focus on the management of skills and know-how, as knowledge is a fundamental resource of the company. Through educational and training programs, the company draws upon the experience of its employees to improve safety and streamline the work of our employees.