KGHM engages in preventative healthcare and ensures medical services at the highest level both for the employees and local communities. 

KGHM, bearing in mind that the company is responsible for the society, has launched the Health Promotion and Environmental Hazards Prevention Program.

The Health Centre MCZ, part of the KGHM Group, is responsible for providing comprehensive medical services for the company’s employees, their families and the communities of the Polish Copper Belt. MCZ is constantly expanding its medical and rehabilitation services. It is one of the best equipped medical centres in Lower Silesia thanks to the equipment purchased by KGHM’s Polish Copper Foundation. Company employees may take advantage of MCZ's services as part of their health plan. The fee paid by employees is covered by the employer and entitles them to examinations by specialist doctors and laboratory tests.

Health protection and promotion is one of the key focuses of the Polish Copper Foundation. The Foundation's resources support research and diagnostic programs, encourage blood donation and help to equip and modernise specialist laboratories and hospital wards in the region, not only those belonging to KGHM. It finances health holidays for children and adolescents, rehabilitation and sport classes as well as monitoring tests.

The scientific and research programs in which KGHM participates are also connected with health. One example is research on the impact of difficult working conditions on the health of our underground miners. This research is conducted together with the Wrocław University of Medicine. The aim of the program is to develop work safety principles for hazardous atmospheric conditions in underground mines.

Credible testimony of meeting our responsibility for the communities where we operate is the number of initiatives undertaken. The Health Promotion and Environmental Hazards Prevention Program has been made available to 2116 people.