Environmental policy

KGHM’S operations pay special attention to caring about the natural environment. 

The environmental policy of KGHM reflects the company's concern for the natural environments in which it operates. KGHM undertakes a number of actions to minimise its impact on the natural environment.

The main tenets of the environmental policy are:

  • maintenance of all equipment used to protect the natural environment in good working order,
  • identifying new technological solutions limiting industrial impact on the environment and implementing them as and when required and feasible,
  • development of waste management technologies and a continuous increase in the share of recycled waste in the total volume of generated waste,
  • ongoing partnership with the local communities and government authorities for the benefit of the environment;
  • collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment in terms of the implementation of national environmental policy,
  • cooperation when preparing BAT (Best Available Techniques) reference documents for the non-ferrous metals industry, and
  • cooperation with the European mining industry and non-ferrous metals industry in sectoral organisations when preparing EU documentation on environmental protection.

Protection of the natural environment and minimising the impact of the company's operations is a priority for KGHM. Thanks to its comprehensive environmental policy, KGHM sets the highest environmental standards.