Employees inventors

KGHM effectively encourages its employees to search for new technological solutions. It often happens that the employees become the inventors who determine the innovative nature of the company.

For many years, KGHM has involved its employees in the process of introducing positive changes in the company. It organises events that create opportunities for the employees to build new organisational models and implement innovative technologies, e.g.:

  • "Lean Mining" – the creation of groups of employees that cooperate in order to facilitate the production process in the mines.
  • "Effectiveness programme" – a project that enabled a reduction in copper production costs thanks to the engagement of employees.

Another example of a long-term activity is the invention programme. This programme encourages the employees of KGHM to expand the company's knowledge by submitting projects related to improvement. If a new concept is implemented, the inventor is awarded with additional remuneration. The ideas presented by the employees are evaluated by the representatives of the company’s organisational units and research units. In addition, as part of the "Innovation Rules and Regulations", an optional "Innovation Exchange" is organised, whose task is to inspire employees to seek innovation within the scope of their respective duties.

  A large number of the proposed solutions have already been introduced. Examples of these involved the following subjects:

  • decreased metallurgical furnace operating costs,
  • application of a cheaper copper ore mining system,
  • decreased backfilling installation operating costs ,
  • improvement in the operating reliability of automated elements of the electrical installation,
  • mitigation of accident risks during the transport of anode slime,
  • elimination of noise in the precious metals plant,
  • improvement in labour organisation in the anode furnaces unit.