Competence in the industry

Since the beginning of its existence, KGHM has been engaging in cooperation with local schools educating for professions that are crucial as far as employment in our organisation is concerned. In 2018, this cooperation was framed under the programme entitled "Competence in the mining and metallurgical industry. KGHM – a key partner in vocational education" by signing letters of intent with bodies governing schools in the following poviats: Legnica, Bolesławiec, Lubin, Głogów and Polkowice. In the 2020/2021 school year, patronage classes in 9 schools within the Copper Basin are educating over 1,900 students, both in technical and in 1st grade vocational schools.

Kompetentni w branży

The aim of the "Competence in the industry" programme is close cooperation between schools and KGHM, which will enable educating young people in compliance with real-life business requirements and cutting-edge achievements in the copper industry.

Students gaining knowledge in patronage classes can count on our Company's substantive support, access to didactic materials and, above all, can benefit from a dedicated scholarship programme and the possibility to participate in practical vocational training.

Together with the schools, we organise activities within the field of curriculum framing, extending the scope and forms of practical vocational training conducted in a real-life working environment, obtaining formal qualifications by students, vocational guidance, motivating students and improving teachers' professional qualifications.

Patronage classes mean:

  • Scholarship programme for the best students, whose rules are stipulated in the Rules and Regulations, available as addendum,
  • Workshops in developing interpersonal skills,
  • Possibility to pay profession-learning visits, participate in lectures and classes given by experts,
  • Participation in conferences, workshops and seminars organised by KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. for its employees, and in other initiatives directed to the company employee community.

We also support teachers by:

  • Profession-learning visits in our Branches and other recommended institutions,
  • Subsidising participation in conferences, trainings, courses and other educational initiatives that influence teachers' professional development,
  • Possibility to participate in conferences, workshops and seminars organised by KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., and in other initiatives directed to the company employees.
  • Cooperation regarding preparation of didactic materials,
  • Organisation of intra- and inter-school contests.