Opening of liquidation proceedings for the company KGHM Kupferhandelsges.m.b.H.

Monday, 30 May, 2011
Report no. 13/2011

The Management Board of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. hereby announces that on 30 May 2011 the Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting of KGHM Kupferhandelsges.m.b.H. with its registered head office in Vienna, adopted a resolution on dissolving and beginning the liquidation of this company on 1 June 2011. Mr. Michał Jezioro was appointed as liquidator of KGHM Kupferhandelsges.m.b.H.i.L. 
An application regarding registration of the company's liquidation will be submitted to the Commercial Court in Vienna. 
The decision to liquidate KGHM Kupferhandelsges.m.b.H. is connected with the takeover by KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. of the activities of this company. 
KGHM Kupferhandelsges.m.b.H is a subsidiary of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. 

Legal basis: § 5 sec. 1 point 24 of the Decree of the Minister of Finance dated 19 February 2009 regarding current and periodic information published by issuers of securities and conditions for recognising as equivalent information required by the laws of a non-member state (Journal of Laws from 2009 No. 33, item 259 with subsequent amendments)