Energy company of the year

During the IX Energy Forum, awards were handed out to the best firms and institutions of the Polish energy sector. The most important award of the Energy Company of the Year went to KGHM. The Programme Council of the Energy Forum appreciated the projects implemented by the copper holding.

Thursday, 01 January, 2015

The consumption of electric energy at 2.6 TWh per year means that we belong to the group of largest electricity consumers in Poland. One of the objectives set in the new strategy of KGHM covers energy security. The company diversifies its revenues by gradual entrance onto the energy market.

Lowering the costs of electric energy consumption means lower operating costs, which also translates into increased competitive advantage on the market. The company has been gradually modernising its electric-power and power-machine infrastructure. The engines that work as propulsion mechanisms for ventilators, pumps, winding machines are replaced with energy efficient ones, and their power is at the same time adapted to the current needs of the technological chain at KGHM. The entire technological chain is also modernised, which allows for lowering power consumption and for increasing energy security of the company.

KGHM implements ambitious energy projects. In November 2014, we have witnessed an official launch of heat power generation in a powerful cogeneration process in gas-steam blocks in Polkowice and Głogów. In 2015 SG Rudna Branch intends to launch a climate station for the purposes of cooling the mines' underground, which will now generate electric energy, heat and cold. KGHM also plans gas engine development, wind farm project, pilot photovoltaic installations as well as construction of power blocks fuelled with biomass at the existing heat and power plants owned by KGHM Capital Group which will be partially fuelled with own renewable resources.

KGHM is also involved in the projects that are extremely significant for the Polish industry and economy and related to constructing the first nuclear power plant in Poland, to improving energy efficiency (as a result of the activities conducted in the branches of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., over the past two years the consumption of electricity was decreased by approx. 27GWh).

Moreover, since the very beginnings of the so-called white certificates system in Poland, successfully participates in the tenders to provide energy efficiency certificates – in the course of the first 2 tender procedures announced by the President of the Regulatory Office, we have gained property rights to energy efficiency certificates whose value exceeds PLN 8 million.

Energy Forum is the largest conference in Central Europe that gathers the leaders of politics and business as well as experts in energy topics. Ryszard Biernacki, Main Director for Production Engineering, collected the award on behalf of KGHM. The oil terminal in Gdańsk received a distinction in the Investment of the Year category. The title of the Investment of the Year in the energy sector went to AGH University of Science and Technology from Kraków.