Students and graduates

Today, extensive knowledge supported by sound practice is the key to success. For many years KGHM has cooperated with universities and vocational schools on many projects designed to adapt the education process to employers’ expectations and the changing realities on the labour market. The activities in the field of education ensure that the company can influence the level and scope of young people’s competences; as a result of this, it can build its international success on a stable and long-term basis.

Nowadays, extensive knowledge supported by good practice is the key to success. The company implements a number of programmes that aim at cooperating with the scientific and didactic circles. The process is supported by making the best use of young people's creative potential. Their knowledge, enthusiasm and invention makes it possible to approach the company's strategic and operational projects from a different, perhaps better, perspective. KGHM need knowledge, as together with other resources of the company - its capital and infrastructure - it is an element that determines its success and contributes to its advantage in the market.

Building relationships with academic circles accompanies the company operation every day. Due to cooperation and help in writing diploma theses, we obtain innovative solutions and added value to the Company, which results in increased pace and quality of the projects that are implemented and created in various areas of the company activitySkilful investments in human capital is the best path to constant improvement in the organisational culture,, and, as a result, creating competitive advantage in the key areas of activity.

By participating in research project, KGHM has a direct influence on the effectiveness of the operations. The Company may develop only by using human potential and sharing knowledge. Cooperation with academic circles is a right approach to potential employees. The development of the competence of the best students, who may become part of the company in the future, is the most precious investment in the capital and a brave look into the future. It is an initiative that is beneficial for both parties.

KGHM's involvement in preparing well educated graduates results also from the company's position in the employer market and the related socially responsible. KGHM supports vocational education through internships and apprenticeships, participation in job fairs, organisation of practical classes for vocational school students, general development activities in high schools, and also by providing school workshop rooms with materials necessary for learning a profession. It also cooperates with higher education institutions by helping in writing diploma theses by providing students with materials or apprenticeships. KGHM's involvement in education in often appreciated by young people. The company occupies high position in national rankings that show whom the students and experts see as ideal employers.


KGHM provides internships for the best pupils and students in order to enable them to gain practical skills for carrying out their future jobs. They gain them by implementing specific tasks and participating in projects carried out under the watchful eye of a designated coach.


The condition for the launch of the procedure to organise the practical training is the submission of the following documents to the adress
1. An application for participation in student practical training,
2. A CV,
3. A plan of the practical training, setting out the range of the theoretical knowledge to be gained and the practical skills which the student would acquire in the course of the practical training,
4. Certificate confirming the Student/ Pupil status.

After a student has possibly qualified for the practical training, he/she must provide, in addition:

1. A copy of a receipt for a personal accident insurance policy,
2. A health condition certificate from a general practitioner or an occupational health doctor.

Contact details of persons in charge of internships in KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.'s divisions:

KGHM Head Office – tel. +48 76 74 80 338
Data Center – tel. +48 76 74 80 838
"Cedynia" Copper Smelter – tel. +48 76 74 71 512
"Głogów" Copper Smelter – tel. +48 76 74 76 651
"Legnica" Copper Smelter – tel. +48 76 74 72 206
"Rudna" Mine – tel. +48 76 74 85 401
"Lubin" Mine – tel. +48 76 74 82 234
"Polkowice – Sieroszowice" Mine – tel. +48 76 74 84 101
Tailings Plant – tel. +48 76 74 79 318
Ore Enrichment Plant – tel. +48 76 74 74 732



Economic growth and international competition makes it necessary to improve the mining output efficiency and explore effective management methods for mining companies, which in turn requires better qualified employees, both on management and labourer positions. Mining, refining and processing require educated human resources whose programme of studies and traineeships are suited to current market needs in that field, which calls for a cooperation between education and industry. As a part of KGHM’s strategy, which we implement systematically, we enhance the focus on improving employees’ skills. That is why we participate in various projects with the intention to recruit human resources necessary to ensure the company’s growth and its competitiveness on the market.

Programme’s objectives and characteristics

In order to accommodate universities’ and students’ expectations, we offer a cooperation scheme concerning the provision of research materials for writing theses. The offer is addressed to students at faculties of mining, mechanics, electrotechnology, industrial automation, economics, pedagogy and psychology. The theses’ thematic scope includes such fields as: technological, organizational, economic, financial and legal matters, issues of designing, creating and liquidation of establishments or their parts, environmental restoration, assessment of the environmental impact, waste disposal. KGHM introduces students to practical aspects of business activity, whereas students have the possibility to create innovative solutions within the scope of the Company’s activity and propose interesting projects which may constitute a value added.


Introduction to the practical aspects of business activity aids students in gaining experience and understanding the specificity of a production company. As a result, it contributes to the confirmation of the student’s choice of the potential work environment. The programme has gained significant popularity among students.

Description and conditions of students’ participation in the programme

The list of thematic scopes includes both suggestions made by KGHM’s Departments and Central Office, and those received from Polish universities. The abstracts drawn by the owners of thematic scopes and university theses' supervisors define the expectations with regard to the thesis. The scopes indicated by the Departments or the Central Office of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. are addressed to students of all universities, whereas those suggested by universities are dedicated to those universities’ students.

The procedure of providing research materials requires the student to choose one thematic scope from THE ENCLOSED LIST. The student who is interested in writing a thesis on the chosen subject submits an application for the provision of research materials. He or she encloses required documents, namely the student status confirmation from the university and the thesis’s abstract listing its objectives, envisaged results and value added for KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. The application FORM shall be sent in an electronic form to .


Scholarship programme and contest for the ceo's award

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