Minister of Energy visiting the KGHM seat

Development of KGHM, investment plans and the existing challenges faced by the company are the key issues discussed by the Minister of Energy, Krzysztof Tchórzewski and Secretary of State in the Ministry of Energy, Grzegorz Tobiszowski, and the Management Board of KGHM in Lubin. During their stay in the Copper Basin, the ministers visited the Rudna mine in Polkowice. The visit was held on 9 August 2017.

Wednesday, 09 August, 2017

The management of the Ministry of Energy attended the meeting with the Management Board of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. and managerial staff of the mining and smelter Divisions. – The issues brought up during the discussion included the development plans of the company, its investment priorities as well as the priority challenges faced by KGHM and the Capital Group as a whole – emphasized Minister Tchórzewski. He pointed out that the investment plans of the company accounting for app. PLN 15 billion in 2017-2021 demonstrate that the company will hold the leading position in global copper and silver production for decades.

Vice-Minister Tobiszowski, as the person responsible for mining industry in the Ministry, expressed his hope that the KGHM investments will drive both economic and regional development. – I hope that the operation of the company in the new concession areas: Radwanice-Gaworzyce, Retków-Ścinawa and Głogów Głęboki - Przemysłowy will enable focus on investments extending the operation and functioning of KGHM as the mining company in the perspective beyond 2050 – added Tobiszowski. 

Minister Tchórzewski stressed also the importance of KGHM as the stock exchange company of strategic importance for the Polish economy. – Involvement of companies with State Treasury shareholding in the implementation of projects of importance for increasing competitiveness and innovativeness of economy is of priority. The company pays a great attention to optimisation of its processes and investments under way and to ensuring energy security, considering significant energy consumption in the mining and smelter sector – noted Minister Tchórzewski.  

The President of KGHM pointed out that the Management Board will take all efforts to ensure stable future of the Company and the Capital Group as a whole. – Domestic investments forming the foundation of existence and development of KGHM are our priority. The course of processes involving access to the deposit located in the area of Głogów Głęboki – Przemysłowy and modernisation of pyrometallurgy is successful.  Polska Miedź is the engine of Lower Silesia and that will never change. In this region, we have developmental perspective for both regional and national economy. Our goals include the investments, stable production and developments – he added. He noticed also that the Company continues its intensive activities towards better effectiveness of its abroad assets.

Another item in the agenda of the visit of Ministers Tchórzewski and Tobiszowski to KGHM was the Rudna Mining Plant, where the ministers placed flowes under the plate commemorating pacification of the mine in 1981. The visit to the deepest division of KGHM - G-25 – allowed them to familiarize with the underground production cycle and working conditions in the copper mine.

Organisational changes and liquidation of the Ministry of Treasury resulted in taking-over of the supervision over the KGHM Polska Miedź by the Ministry of Energy holidng 31.79% of shares in the Company.