KGHM Number One in the Randstad Ranking

Employees expect their employers not only to offer them attractive salaries, but also to ensure comfort and a friendly atmosphere at work. These qualities earned KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. the award in the Polish edition of the Randstad Award 2015.

Tuesday, 24 March, 2015

KGHM ranked first in the following categories: high remuneration and employee benefits, job security and stable financial standing of the company. At the same time, KGHM was recognised for supporting the balance between personal and professional life, for the possibilities of career development it offers, and for strong management.

The Randstad Award is the largest research project in the world concerned with the image of the employer and employer attractiveness factors. At present, Randstad operates in 23 countries and involves 225 000 respondents. This year, Poland witnessed its fifth edition. The survey encompasses the 150 biggest Polish employers and 9000 respondents representative of the Polish society (in terms of age, sex, education and region), i.e. fit-to-work Poles from 18 to 65 years of age, including students, employees and job seekers. The survey was conducted from September to December 2014 by ICMA, an international research institute, and was based on online questionnaires. 

Survey participants were given the opportunity to indicate which of the biggest Polish enterprises they consider an attractive employer. The results of this year's (fifth) edition of the Randstad Award, i.e. the biggest employer image survey in the world, showed that almost 2/3 of Poles considers remuneration to be the most important factor of employers' attractiveness. However, only a slightly smaller group (57%) indicated that the job security and a friendly atmosphere at work (53%) are crucial. Almost half of the respondents emphasised the significance of the company's financial stability and interesting job content.