Focus on startups

KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., KGHM Cuprum Centrum Badawczo – Rozwojowe and MIT Enterprise Forum Poland invite to cooperation polish technology startups.

Wednesday, 09 November, 2016

We are looking for the best startups in the area of raw materials and mining industry. Recruitment will continue until December 7th, 2016.

We need your solutions in the following areas:

1.       Environmental protection and waste management

  • The impact of mining and raw processing industries on the environment
  • Technologies for recycling non-ferrous metals
  • Brownfield development and reclamation
  • Management of processing waste products from mining and processing industry
  • Management of acidic wastewater and surplus of sulfuric acid

2.       Energy-saving technologies

  • Energy-saving technologies in mining and processing industry
  • Waste heat management

3.       The processes of mining and raw materials

  • IT systems to support the exploration, analysis and exploitation of deposits of non-ferrous metals
  • New materials dedicated to the mining industry
  • Technologies enhancing efficiency of copper recovery (leach solutions, flocculants)
  • New materials: mining, processing, commercialization
  • New areas of application of copper

4.       Automation, management and safety of mining processes

    • Technologies to improve the safety in mines
    • Smart mines
    • Automation in mining and processing industry
    • IT solutions
    • Innovative knowledge and data management systems
    • Financial solutions - energy spot-trading, commodity hedging


  • interesting, bold ideas,
  • innovative approaches to challenges,
  • groundbreaking solutions.



  • Scaling – we will invite the selected teams to the further development and scaling of the proposed solutions. We provide local and global opportunities for implementation and commercialization,
  • Sessions – we will help you to achieve your goals through workshops with our experts and mentors. We have the potential of 13 research teams and 3 accredited laboratories,
  • Speed track cooperation for the best projects. We will connect you with institutions and organizations needed to implement your ideas.