Talent Management

KGHM continues to develop the policy of sustainable HR management. Currently implemented Talent Management programme identifies the individuals with high potential of playing the key roles for the organization and supports their development. Therefore it acts as the source of HR with support of which the company is able to face the greatest challenges.

Joint development

The objective behind the Talent Management programme in KGHM is ensuring current and future continuity of business operation by providing HR required to deliver the company’s strategy. Today, the KGHM success depends on innovation, involvement and cooperation several thousands of employees of diversified knowledge and experience. Identifying talents and building their individual, adjusted to capacity and needs of the organization, development paths is a key to further development of the company as a whole.  

Talent Management

The manager and future manager development programme – Talent Management – specifies the key issues for the company development in transparent manner, classifying identification of the potential talents using four criteria: competences, job-related input to the company, involvement and aspirations. The first one includes knowledge, experience and specialist sectoral skills and competences in the field of management and communication. The next criterion includes the results bringing a measurable value to the company. The third and fourth criteria consist in attitudes and behaviours based on values contributing to the organizational culture of KGHM. This category includes also the attitudes of employees, including their professional ambitions and involvement. Map of key roles has been defined in parallel. Systematic approach to assessment of development capacity of the employees has been introduced. Identification of development capacity enables selecting the most talented employees in the programme, meeting the identified needs of the organization. These individuals have already created a real value to the organization, have relevant level of competences and declare their will for further development. These are the ones, for whom the individual development plans are prepared.  

Development opportunity

Transparent assessment criteria, common for the entire organization, display a straight message in context of expectations of the company for the most desired competences. Talent management is a continuous and multi-directional process. Its additional objective is motivating all employees to develop on regular basis. Promoting development of KGHM employees forms a basis for career building in the company for each employee, regardless of the position.