Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is appointed by the General Meeting, and in turns appoints and supervises the work of the Management Board. Currently the Supervisory Board is comprised of nine members.

Role and responsibilities

The Supervisory Board meets at least once per quarter and is responsible for the appointment and remuneration of the Management Board, the selection of the company’s independent auditors and the supervision of company business. As part of this process, it examines the company’s strategic plans and annual budget and monitors the company’s operating and financial performance.

Though the Board performs its tasks collectively, it delegates some of the work. The persons and committees to whom these tasks are delegated are described below:  

The scope of tasks of the Committees is set out in § 7 of the Bylaws of the Supervisory Board of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

Supervisory Board composition

The terms of office of each member of the Supervisory Board is three years. KGHM has a diverse Supervisory Board. It comprises members drawn from a wide range of professional backgrounds.

The names, skills and experience of each member of the supervisory board are shown in our Supervisory Board section.

Independent members

At present, the following five Members of the Supervisory Board of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. meet, according to their submitted declarations, the criteria of independence: Andrzej Kisielewicz, Jarosław Janas, Bartosz Piechota, Marek Pietrzak, Agnieszka Winnik-Kalemba.

The criteria for independence are set forth in point II.Z.4. of the document Code of Best Practice for WSE Listed Companies 2016.

Supervisory Board governance

The work of the Board is coordinated by the Board Chairman, with the assistance of the Board Secretary. In the case of the absence of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, his duties shall be assumed by the Deputy Chairman. The Supervisory Board Bylaws set forth the Board’s specific responsibilities and duties as well as functional procedures. This document is available at the link Supervisory Board Bylaws.

The Supervisory Board meets regularly at least once every quarter. It holds regular discussions with the management board on the KGHM’s strategy, financial and operational performance.

The Company remunerates the Members of the Supervisory Board in compliance with the Remuneration Policy dated 19 June 2020 and the resolutions of the General Meeting.