Shareholder communication

KGHM recognises the importance of effective and timely communication with existing and potential shareholders as well as other capital market participants.


As a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) KGHM is subject to WSE regulations.

It is KGHM's policy to comply with the disclosure obligations of the stock exchanges on which its securities are listed. Currently the only exchange where KGHM’s securities are listed is the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Annual General Meetings

The annual general meetings present an opportunity to provide a summary business presentation, to inform shareholders of recent developments and to give them the opportunity to ask questions.

For details see the section The role of shareholders

Investor Relations

The dialogue  with stakeholders, among whom shareholders are of particular significance, is for us a key aspect of our Company’s operations. For KGHM it is a priority to ensure equal access to information  to all members of the capital markets in Poland and abroad. We do our best to maintain regular communication and a transparent dialogue with current and future investors in order to provide objective information about the Company’s current operations and strategic goals.

We maintain dialogue with shareholders and market participants by means of current and periodical reports published via the official reporting system (ESPI),  our website, one-to-one meetings and participation of our representatives in investor conferences, road shows and meetings with analysts and fund managers. KGHM follows an active investor relations information policy and maintains high standards in its contacts with investors, both institutional and individual.

In 2012 we commenced our support of a program for individual investors. We are a partner to the Polish nationwide campaign „Civic Shareholding”, launched by the Polish Ministry of the State Treasury. In 2015 the company took part in the campaign by supporting educational activities and encouraging people to make informed investments in securities.

The information and documents in the Investors section of our website is continuously updated. This section includes current and periodical reports, information about the shareholding structure, documents related to general meetings and corporate governance as well as presentations and videos for investors. Another form of contact with the market are the KGHM IR mobile app and the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) platform with five thematic channels available using mobile devices offering information about the Company’s operations, stock exchange performance, the scope and nature of conducted business activities and the product offering against the background of the entire market. The website is available in Polish and English.

We also provide an interactive version of our website. Users of mobile devices can easily and quickly gain access to information such as company regulatory announcements, share prices, financial results and press releases.

The publication of KGHM’s quarterly financial results is followed by a conference accessible to all stakeholders, transmitted online in Polish and English. Video recordings of the conference are available on the Company’s website for review at a later date. Apart from these webcasts the company also conducts meetings in the form of conference calls and videoconferences.